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Resolving Pre and Perinatal Birth Shock and Trauma

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Birth can be a traumatic experience resulting in emotional and psychological challenges. Check out also

Some of the causes of pre and perinatal trauma include:

Hospital interventions (i.e.: drugs administered at birth, labor induction, cesarean birth, forceps delivery)
Stressful events during pregnancy (moving, divorce, any kind of loss, etc.)
Physical illness or RH incompatibility
Stressful or negative experiences during labor or after birth
Cord compression
Unwanted baby

How trauma is addressed affects an infant’s experience of the world. Unresolved trauma tends to recapitulate itself and burrow into the body and psyche, impacting a wide range of behaviors. Some behaviors that might indicate unresolved birth trauma in infants and toddlers are:

Sleeping problems
Eating issues
Colic and/or excessive crying
Breastfeeding difficulties
Persistent power struggles
Anxiety or anger out of proportion to present time events
Difficulties around transitions

Karlton Terry | Baby Clinics

Clinic Format
This clinic is open to parents with children, newborn to 5 years old. A morning or afternoon session is available with a maximum of 4 children per clinic. Each child will get approximately one hour of individual work directly with Karlton. There is a child care provider to play with the children who are not actively working so that parents can feel free to participate and learn through the larger group processes.

Karlton is assisted by Amy-Beth Fischoff, Parenting Coach, and Kathryn Rankin Kier, Advanced Certified Rolfer, both actively involved with children and birth work.